Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Time to get Clean and Clear Skin

Hello My dear Readers,
   Why  Only womens should have clean and clear skin? Its time for we too have one such. Okay After all studying and doing research according to dermatology I got some points that Men can follow to have a good healthy looking skin all that need is little money and home products just one natural thing for all problems that is "CURD/YOGURT"
       Okay I made a search for two months and got a little good result so hope you can follow. Just Take some curd and rub on face every morning and evening. Then don't wash your face with any face wash or soap when you apply curd on face just wash it with cold water. You get a good glowing and healthy skin in just two weeks and the bacteria which is present in Curd helps to get rid of black heads and Acne problem that are most common in Modern Men and it also work as a good cleanser and I think you don't have to spend thousands of money on buying the expensive products. 
     You can use Red wine to clean face. Just take a cotton ball and pour some drop of fresh Red wine and rub the face.We know Red wine as a good Anti-Oxidant agent which makes skin glowing and reduces the problem of getting Pimples and Acne problem in Men. If you are really rich then you can go to products like 

The Face wash Products for Men:
1. Neutrogena Acne Face wash
2. Nivea Men Dark spot Reduction Face wash
3. Loreal Men solution Face wash 
4. Garnier Men Face wash
5. Vaseline Face wash

Fairness Creams/ Mositurizers:
1. Garnier Men Face Fairness Cream spf 15
2. Loreal Men Solution Moisturizer
3. Vaseline Men Mositurizer spf 15
4. Nivea men whitening Mositurizer spf30
5. Himalaya Fairness Cream(UniSex) 
6. Himalaya Nourishing cream(Unisex)

Okay Guys hope you enjoy reading my blog and hope we men can have a good looking skin just more than the girls do. Lets care skin more than Girls hahahaha. Ok use sunscreen even during the Winter. Because winter sun too damage the skin. Currently I am using Lakme Sunscreen with spf 24 PA ++ UVA/UVB. Good for skin specially DRY SKIN