Sunday, May 30, 2010

Natural Treatments to Hair.

 Hair is one of the centre of attraction for teens. So I experimented some Topics on hair. They are:-
Natural Treartment for Hair.
Natural colouring for hair.
Hair care.
 We know teens like their hair should be soft, smooth and shinny for making the hair like their desire they need to care their hair with many natural treatment. According to my research making experiment on hair is to difficult. if there is any mistake in this experiments the whole hair get effect. So I realy took efforts to conduct this experiment carefully. The Final result of my hair is soft, shinny and smooth. So you can follow all my suggestion without hesitate.

Treatment of Hibscus to Hair Of a Teen Guy:-

Take some red Hibscus and its leaves and blend them well in Jar then make a nice paste of it. Before applying this paste add some lemon to that paste and apply the hair. Leave this for 30-40minutes. When you used this paste to your hair it helps to make your hair black and make your hair so soft and smooth. It also work as a natural conditioner for hair. It reduce splitting of hair and  controls hairfall. I myself have applied this to my hair and I absorbed the changes and I have written here.

Fitness For Teens Guys.

Teen Guys need to make their body healthy and fit for this they need to practice some of the food routine and execise.thia not only makes our body fit and also makes you fair and handsome.
 To get natural fitness to body Teen should follow this suggestions and routines:-

A.Do acrobatic exercises every day and also include runing, jogging for 30minutes everyday. These are done only in early morning withing 7:00am after that you won't get any benifit from this exersise.

B. Nutritious food helps teens to keep their body good. The food should include natural juices, breads, oats, rice, veggetables, fruits, whole grains, corns etc.
this is food contains nutitious values like Carbohydrates, Protiens, Vitamins, Calories, Fibers.

C. We should avoid oil food and sweets becuase this two causes the developement of unwanted cholestrol and calories. As we are in modern style we have have modern foods like Pizza, Burger, Chocolates, Chinese foods but this foods are very dangerous and decreases the life span of a person. This also causes toxicant of blood and increases the calorie rate in the body.

D. We should consume more fruits and high Fiber foods. the High fiber foods like Whole grain salad, Fruits, oats, Chapathes, Wheatrt flour dumplings.

Natural Beauty Fair Skin Treatment.

Hey guys don't think that teen guys don not have any skin caring cream and cosmetics. I Myself have researched some of the natural whitening materials that is specially used for teens. May be you an Orange is a citric fruit and also it is so benificial for skin whittining. Here I have conducted a experiment with orange and its peel the result is wonderful.
     So I preffer all the teen guys to use orange and its peel. Here I had given some sugesstion of using orange and its peel.

Orange For Health of teens:-
                    We Know orange Contains vitamin C and it helps in blood purifying charcter(Antioxidant) and orange a day keeps our body healthy and provides good complextion to teen skin and it also helps in whittining of skin. Orange had good health benifits has it have mentioned below.

Take some good quality orange which is ripened good. Take the orange and cut it middle off. Then sequeez them into the glass then drink this juice directly. It really helps you to boost immune system.

A. It helps in purifying blood and and lower the cholestrol in our body.
B. It helps in boosting the immune system in body and improves the percentage of Vitamin C.
C. It helps in developement of skin by increasing potassium .
D. It strengthens body and keep skin smooth and healthy.

Skin Care Creatment with Orange Peel :-
         we know orange is a very good fruit for health and another thing is its peel also have some good skin whittining character. According my research Orange have the character of skin moisturizing, scrubbing.
             Now the question arises "How to use this orange peel to skin?"
 For that question I have given you answer here. 

Process of making Orange peel Powder:-
Take some peel of orange and dry them in sunlight for 4-6 days and then powder them nicely.Store the powder in plastic bottel and please don't keep the powder in wet bottel or in humid place, It may cause bacterial formation and cause boost. Now this powder can be applied to your face.
          Take some ammount of orange peel powdeer in a bowl(1tsp) and add milk if your skin is dry and add water if your skin is oily. Apply this paste to your face and around the neck part. Leave this face mask for 30-40minutes. This pastenot only absorbs the oil  in the and also helps to reduce the durt from the skin. Finally it makes the skin smooth and whitens.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Health About Hair and Skin care

Hairs And Skin are the important attraction for teenagers. So we should take care of our hair and skin very importantly. Hair care and skin care are not only important for girls they are most important for guys too. So taking this topic I had discovered some important things to tell you guys.
       1. Shampo your hair daily. 
       2.  Use good conditioners to your hair.
       3.  Try to wash your hair in cold water.
       4.  Apply the hibscus pate with rose water every sunday. It improves your    Hair and stops the hair fall.
       5.   Comb the hair with  big toothed comd this makes your hair so soft and smooth.

Like hair the skin is also important to guys. Here we should know that guys skin is more sensitive then girls. So I invented some of the natural skin care items for guys. These are the items where  guys can prepare in home itself. You Should apply them daily for weekly. see the mentiones tips below:-

A. Don't keep hands on face. Don't pick, pull, tug, pop, scratch or touch blemishes at any time. Touching your face spreads oils across the face and cause bacterial formation.

B. Make sure that blades are sharp and clean before shave becuase when we shave in uncleaned and unsharpened razor it causes bacterial infections.

C. Use good sunscreen lotions which made for specially teenage guys and wear hats when ever you go outside.

D. The best way of dieting for skin is taking nutrient foods like spinach, whole cereals, bluebarries, fruits, milk, egg.

E. Drink atleat 5-6 liters of water every day which removes cholestrol and also keep you and your skin energytically and healthy.

E. Please don't use any hair gels and hair styling colour it damage your skin and hair.

F. Don't use hot water to your face becuase it may damage your skin cells.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Health of body

Teens are little risk workers mean to say they have to study hard, going to out of places and always tensions so this are all some of the risks to our body. So to come out of this all problems I have some suggestions to give you how to keep the body healthy and active.
     * Try to get up at 6:00am every day.
     * Wash you face and mouth as soon as you get up.
     * Try to practice some exercise atleast half-an-hour a day.
     * Then go to bath and brush your body every day becuase so much of durt        remains in your body if you don't brush then the body looks very black.
     * Wash the cloths neatly everyday.
     * Please do not use perfumed soaps for body becuase they may cause allergies.
     * Try to use natural soaps like gram powader and orange powder.


Health and skin care for Teenage


We are so lucky to born as a human and we know man is a Intelligent person in this universe who can do or think anything. Like that man should also take care of himself about this body. So I have experimented some subjects which is useful to teens and this experiment has conducted from 2 years.
       We know teen skin is very sensitive then adultage. So we teens need so much of care to our body and skin. So I myself have experimented on teen skinand I discovered many information about skin and body.If we are guys also we need so much of skin care then girls so please follow all the Suggestions which i had given.

The main health care of a teens are:-
 A. Health of body
 B. Health of Hair
 c. Skincare