Thursday, May 27, 2010

Health About Hair and Skin care

Hairs And Skin are the important attraction for teenagers. So we should take care of our hair and skin very importantly. Hair care and skin care are not only important for girls they are most important for guys too. So taking this topic I had discovered some important things to tell you guys.
       1. Shampo your hair daily. 
       2.  Use good conditioners to your hair.
       3.  Try to wash your hair in cold water.
       4.  Apply the hibscus pate with rose water every sunday. It improves your    Hair and stops the hair fall.
       5.   Comb the hair with  big toothed comd this makes your hair so soft and smooth.

Like hair the skin is also important to guys. Here we should know that guys skin is more sensitive then girls. So I invented some of the natural skin care items for guys. These are the items where  guys can prepare in home itself. You Should apply them daily for weekly. see the mentiones tips below:-

A. Don't keep hands on face. Don't pick, pull, tug, pop, scratch or touch blemishes at any time. Touching your face spreads oils across the face and cause bacterial formation.

B. Make sure that blades are sharp and clean before shave becuase when we shave in uncleaned and unsharpened razor it causes bacterial infections.

C. Use good sunscreen lotions which made for specially teenage guys and wear hats when ever you go outside.

D. The best way of dieting for skin is taking nutrient foods like spinach, whole cereals, bluebarries, fruits, milk, egg.

E. Drink atleat 5-6 liters of water every day which removes cholestrol and also keep you and your skin energytically and healthy.

E. Please don't use any hair gels and hair styling colour it damage your skin and hair.

F. Don't use hot water to your face becuase it may damage your skin cells.

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