Sunday, May 30, 2010

Natural Treatments to Hair.

 Hair is one of the centre of attraction for teens. So I experimented some Topics on hair. They are:-
Natural Treartment for Hair.
Natural colouring for hair.
Hair care.
 We know teens like their hair should be soft, smooth and shinny for making the hair like their desire they need to care their hair with many natural treatment. According to my research making experiment on hair is to difficult. if there is any mistake in this experiments the whole hair get effect. So I realy took efforts to conduct this experiment carefully. The Final result of my hair is soft, shinny and smooth. So you can follow all my suggestion without hesitate.

Treatment of Hibscus to Hair Of a Teen Guy:-

Take some red Hibscus and its leaves and blend them well in Jar then make a nice paste of it. Before applying this paste add some lemon to that paste and apply the hair. Leave this for 30-40minutes. When you used this paste to your hair it helps to make your hair black and make your hair so soft and smooth. It also work as a natural conditioner for hair. It reduce splitting of hair and  controls hairfall. I myself have applied this to my hair and I absorbed the changes and I have written here.

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