Sunday, May 30, 2010

Natural Beauty Fair Skin Treatment.

Hey guys don't think that teen guys don not have any skin caring cream and cosmetics. I Myself have researched some of the natural whitening materials that is specially used for teens. May be you an Orange is a citric fruit and also it is so benificial for skin whittining. Here I have conducted a experiment with orange and its peel the result is wonderful.
     So I preffer all the teen guys to use orange and its peel. Here I had given some sugesstion of using orange and its peel.

Orange For Health of teens:-
                    We Know orange Contains vitamin C and it helps in blood purifying charcter(Antioxidant) and orange a day keeps our body healthy and provides good complextion to teen skin and it also helps in whittining of skin. Orange had good health benifits has it have mentioned below.

Take some good quality orange which is ripened good. Take the orange and cut it middle off. Then sequeez them into the glass then drink this juice directly. It really helps you to boost immune system.

A. It helps in purifying blood and and lower the cholestrol in our body.
B. It helps in boosting the immune system in body and improves the percentage of Vitamin C.
C. It helps in developement of skin by increasing potassium .
D. It strengthens body and keep skin smooth and healthy.

Skin Care Creatment with Orange Peel :-
         we know orange is a very good fruit for health and another thing is its peel also have some good skin whittining character. According my research Orange have the character of skin moisturizing, scrubbing.
             Now the question arises "How to use this orange peel to skin?"
 For that question I have given you answer here. 

Process of making Orange peel Powder:-
Take some peel of orange and dry them in sunlight for 4-6 days and then powder them nicely.Store the powder in plastic bottel and please don't keep the powder in wet bottel or in humid place, It may cause bacterial formation and cause boost. Now this powder can be applied to your face.
          Take some ammount of orange peel powdeer in a bowl(1tsp) and add milk if your skin is dry and add water if your skin is oily. Apply this paste to your face and around the neck part. Leave this face mask for 30-40minutes. This pastenot only absorbs the oil  in the and also helps to reduce the durt from the skin. Finally it makes the skin smooth and whitens.

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