Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fitness For Teens Guys.

Teen Guys need to make their body healthy and fit for this they need to practice some of the food routine and execise.thia not only makes our body fit and also makes you fair and handsome.
 To get natural fitness to body Teen should follow this suggestions and routines:-

A.Do acrobatic exercises every day and also include runing, jogging for 30minutes everyday. These are done only in early morning withing 7:00am after that you won't get any benifit from this exersise.

B. Nutritious food helps teens to keep their body good. The food should include natural juices, breads, oats, rice, veggetables, fruits, whole grains, corns etc.
this is food contains nutitious values like Carbohydrates, Protiens, Vitamins, Calories, Fibers.

C. We should avoid oil food and sweets becuase this two causes the developement of unwanted cholestrol and calories. As we are in modern style we have have modern foods like Pizza, Burger, Chocolates, Chinese foods but this foods are very dangerous and decreases the life span of a person. This also causes toxicant of blood and increases the calorie rate in the body.

D. We should consume more fruits and high Fiber foods. the High fiber foods like Whole grain salad, Fruits, oats, Chapathes, Wheatrt flour dumplings.

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