Friday, April 1, 2011

Foods to be consume during Exam

We know the food is the important thing which helps man to survive. But Teenagers have should be aware while taking the food what should be consume and what should not be. Today people won't care for the nutrition values but they like only colorful and tasteful food. So commonly most of the teenagers love to eat in hotels, restaurants and in fast foods. This food may taste better but they are junk food they don't have any nutrition value. Most of the teenagers are suffering different health problem by this foods.

But myself I have researched on this topic since 1 year and I obtained the results. however in causal days we can eat anything but during examination time we should not consume some food.There are some food which improves our memory and some food are very dangerous  to our memory people. So,Firstly I would like to tell you the things which can be consumed during exam.

The Major Foods which improves our memory :

                                       Apple :

We know apples have a good health benefit. Apples are rich in antioxidants and they provide huge memory power. Apples contain high levels of quercetin, an antioxidant that has been shown in recent studies to protect against Alzheimer's disease. Although it is also present in the flesh, the most quercetin is found in the skin. Red apples also contain anthocyanin in their skins. According to my research the apple contains more energy and it also boost the memory.


                             Blueberries :


Blueberries have been shown in numerous studies to do wonderful things for memory and the brain in general. Old rats that were fed blueberries scored the same as young rats on memory tests. Blueberries contain anthocyanin, a known memory-boosting phytochemical. They also contain many other phytochemicals that may contribute to healthy brain function.

                                  Spinach :                                                      

If I start  tell about the health benefit of spinach I don't have any words to say about that. Spinach has a power to increase the memory. Spinach has rich folic acid and spinach is pften used in tablets for memories. The cooked spinach tastes better and boil 250g or spinach in 50ml of water and add pinch of salt that gives a wonderful taste to eat. When you eat spinach with salt the Iodine and folic acid increase the memory.

                                               Brahmi leaves :

Brahmi leaves are the god gift to man to increases his memory. Brahmi leaves contains the folic acid. Brahmi leaves are to be consume in a course period of 16 days. 1 day=1leaves, 2day =2leaves, like this up to 16th day you should increase the leaves and eat. Then within 16 days you are going to know about the benefit of brahmi leaves.

                                                         Orange : 

 Orange is the another citric fruit. We know the citric fruits are most useful in the increasing  the memory. Orange is a n antioxidant fruit it helps in free flow of blood and it also improve  the skin complex and also it improves memory.

              So if these are the five major food which increases our memory there are the foods which decreases our memory I can say the foods like Gobi Manchuria, Spicy items, Hot items, Bread which made by white flour, smoking, drinking, drug addicting and others

To say,                    
                                 "The Person with good memory can work like clock".


                                                       Have a Nice Day Guys.....


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